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As part of the publicity campagin for my first book 'Coming Home to You' I have had the honour of being featured in many press, radio and online guest spots.  Here I write about the reasons technology needs a human touch:

There has been a lot of talk lately of how Artificial Intelligence will change every aspect of our lives from how we work, how we eat, how we sleep and how we relate to others.  There’s no doubt the rise and rise of artificial intelligence is having in every aspect of our daily lives.  We only have to look at the stock market, which is run by bots, to see the profound impact the technology is having on the overall stock market value. Algorithms and impassionate trading have taken over from the herd mentality of the bull and bear-ish trading of humans.

But despite our increasing reliance on technology and our belief it will bring the much-vaulted improvements to our lives, we still see high levels of dissatisfaction with the results.

We cannot get away from this one fact, that all this technology is at the end of the day designed to make our lives easier, simpler and more enjoyable.  Yet this is not our reality.  My work as a transformation consultant brings me into some of the world’s largest companies, at the point when they are making big changes to their structures and technology platforms.  They are not just looking for improvement in processes, but in relationships as well.  They want people to collaborate more, to be more creative and to find better ways of working.  In short, they want people to use their whole brain at work.  

So on the face of it we have competing demands. We want technology to take the strain out of our busy lives, yet we want our people to bring more of themselves to work, to be more authentic and more engaged in the process of co-creating our existence.  

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