The Inclusion Edge

Confidently Create a Culture of Diversity and Belonging

“The Inclusion Edge is a page turner. It armed me with models and approaches to use and left me hungry to take action and do more as a leader in this space.”


Mark Blythe, Global Operations Director, Airbnb


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Turning your intentions into actions

The Inclusion Edge has a number of tools that can help you to become the inclusive leader that creates a culture of belonging.  

Here are three top tools that you can use right now

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Take the course

The Inclusion Edge Online Course

In partnership with GenConnectU, we have created an exclusive online course that guides you through the BELONG model, central to The Inclusion Edge.  

You will learn the skills and techniques to become more connected to your workfoce and more adept at navigating DE&I.  

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Bringing the Inclusion Edge to your organisation

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Leaders want to do the right thing, but often feel left behind by the DE&I agenda, especially if they come from majority (White, male and heterosexual) culture. 

At Agents2Change we get that, which is why we have created the six step BELONG model, to help majority leaders to become more adept at leading DE&I authentically and confidentially.

Talk to us about our bespoke corporate programs to help your leaders create cultures of belonging.