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What being shortlisted means to an author

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Rather appropriately, I write this on World Book Day (3 March), a couple of days after hearing I was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2022 for The Female Edge.

Writing, as any author will tell you is a solitary activity. It leads you down a path of uncertainty, fear and doubt. Even when your manuscript is professionally finished and you have an engaging cover design, you still wonder was it worth it? Will anyone care?

It is only as you hear back from readers, first those you know and then those you don't, who tell you that your book and your ideas have touched them in some way that you know that it was worth it.

Perhaps the biggest endorsement of your book being worthwhile, is when it is judged worthy by fellow authors and professionals.

When I went to the reveal party this week, to find out if my book had made the first cut, I sat in the audience with trepidation and uncertainty. Would what I have to say on the subject of female leaders resonate with the judges? Would people who are outside of my immediate circle of influence take me seriously, on the merit of my book?

When I did hear my name called out, I felt elated and still do, two days later. I tell my coaching clients that their voice matters. Their perspective, skills and experience brings something unique to the world. So it is incredibly uplifting when I am reminded how true it is for me also. Thousands of books have been written on the subject of female leadership and it would be easy to feel defeated and that there is no point even trying to add to the mix. But I believe in practicing what I preach and coming at the subject with my own unique lived experience and understanding.

The fact that it resonated with the judges of the Business Book Awards 2022 enough to be shortlisted feels like a huge honor and a great endorsement of my work and my message.

So take this a salutary lesson if you are itching to do something, even if it has been done many times before and perhaps by people who are more well-known in the area, do it anyway. You have wisdom to share and the world wants to hear it.

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