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The Power of Silence

Updated: May 25, 2020

The current times we are living through with the Covid 19 outbreak have been called by some ‘The Big Pause’.  In these extraordinary times where our routines and usual patterns of living have been stripped away, it can indeed feel like a big pause.

A timely question we could ask ourselves right now is: How can we use the ‘big pause’ to find our centre and know deep down in ourselves who we are and who we choose to be when life resumes again?  If reflection and meditation are not part of your daily life, it can feel daunting to dwell on these big questions and know where to start.

Many people are put off practices such as meditation, because they feel it’s too time consuming or unwieldy.  But what if there were practices from meditation that could help us?  What if we could access micro meditation whenever we need it?

I’m a great advocate of finding a pattern and habit for inner reflection, wherever you are.  The more accessible these practices are for you, the easier it is for you to do just that.  Which is why in this vlog, I’ll guide you through a one minute silence.  One minute might not sound like much to have any real impact on your well-being, but just try it and see.

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Stay safe, stay well.


Watch the video here:

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