• Mary McGuire

The Podcast Tour: Pen to Paper

Writing a blog post, book, or other means of sharing our experiences is how we offer guidance to others traversing a similar journey. Storytelling is a powerful. It communicates information to help us make sense of the world. When we realize how important our words, we notices there is an audience seeking our guidance.

In this conversation with Cindy Kochis of Pen to Paper, we talked about what inspired me to write he Female EDGE and my first book Coming Home to You.

Coming Home to You is about the journey back to self. One of the lessons from the book is how we look at external success as success and failing to acknowledge what is going on inside. With The Female EDGE, she guides women to find their success in the workplace in their own terms. “Success is an inside job. We have to know who we are.” Internal compassion is key to any success we want to achieve in life.

Hear about the two different approaches to writing. My first book was an emergent process and the second was a programmed approach. What are the benefits of both approaches and which one would work for you? Which one will help you to share your truth.


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