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Updated: May 25, 2020

There are many challenges that the COVID-19 virus has surfaced in trying to continue to conduct life around the many limitations that we face.  For leaders who are responsible for staff teams, many of whom will either be working remotely themselves, or adapting to work in very different ways, there is the double impact of finding their own ways of working whilst supporting their teams.  During such challenging times, motivation and focus are a challenge for everyone, yet it is perhaps most pivotal for the longer-term business performance that the leaders to say focused and motivated in order to help their teams.  Some of the things that will help leaders during this time would include:

  1. Daily check in calls for leadership teams.  The full divisional / functional team needs to gather strength and support from each other during this time.  A 15 – 20 minutes call (or longer depending on the size of the team) where each team member shares their current status (emotionally and from a business perspective) and their current challenges and asks for input from the team. Maintaining connection for the team is vital at this time.

  2. Staff team check-in calls. Even if staff are working remotely, or currently asked to not come to work at this time, leaders should plan virtual team meetings 2 to 3 times a week to share company news, support staff and provide encouragement and guidance.

  3. Keep customers in mind.  A blanket communication to all customers (& suppliers) might not be the way to go, but perhaps look at providing information bulletins that provide context for customers on how your products, service and supply chains are changing in the face of the current situation and what behaviour changes from them might help to lessen the disruptions.  Also look to identify niches where you can help out by asking for feedback regularly.

  4. Consider doing a regular video log to share with your team in addition to your regular calls.  This can be as simple as a daily 2 – 3 minute update of what your focusing on right now, or it can be anecdotal and share some stories and experiences with your teams.  This can be delivered via email using Vimeo or other such secure video portal.

  5. Continue to support your leaders. As a company, it’s important to think of how you can support your leaders development during this time.  Coaching support can be crucial, and it might be worth considering group calls or tailored individual coaching to keep leaders motivated.  

One of the services we can provide is an intensive 4 week coaching and development program, delivered remotely both to teams and one-to-one, based on our 'Trusted Leader’ program.  If you would like to know more, let’s have a conversation.

Book a consultation with me to see how we can help.

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