2020 - How was it for you?

As we see the close of a year like no other, it is a great time to take stock of what you have experienced. What have been the highs and the lows? Do you feel stronger as a result of your experiences? Have the challenges helped to clarify what’s important in your life?

It has been a year where we have seen privations not seen in peacetime since the days of plagues and pestilence. The threat humanity faced (& will continue to face for some time) respects no race, creed, colour, nationality, or geographic boundary. In some ways it has made us all realise the small and fragile world we live in and served as a wake-up call to us all.

The media and the political unrest that we are living though, would suggest that we are all just drops in the ocean and need to succumb to her capricious nature. Yet, we could equally see ourselves as powerful co-creators of life, who can choose to take actions to build a world of opportunity, cooperation and respect for the earth that gives us life.

So, in a year like no other; what have been the things that have shaped you and your destiny? What will you take from this experience to weave a more positive and life-enhancing destiny for you and your family?

For me, the year has helped to shape my big vision – which is to support hundreds of female leaders to become powerful influencers in building a more considered, compassionate and connected model of modern capitalism.

We need economic success, to bring stability, opportunity and growth. Yet we can all agree we need it to be in concert with the earth’s own natural flow and rhythm and respecting of the natural resources that we all depend upon. I am working with many of my corporate clients to create development programs that open female leaders to the inordinate personal power and unique influence they can bring to bear on their organisational needs.

Regardless of the waves of negative media, upheaval and unsettled times that define our current reality, now is not the time to play small. As your year comes to an end, it offers an opportunity to consider what you can take

from 2020 that will shape a better year to come? How can your actions build a better world for everyone? Regardless of your life circumstances, you are not merely a drop in the ocean, but the ocean herself. You are not insignificant but a powerful part of the whole. We are all being called to greatness at these times. Don’t ignore it – dream big and take bold action.

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