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2 Tips to Help You Cope with the Ongoing Uncertainty of COVID-19

Updated: May 19, 2020

Whilst we are seeing a lifting of some of the restrictions we have endured during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still living with uncertainty about our future and what to expect when things return to some semblance of normality, or at least routine.

What I know from my 20 years of organisational transformation work is that we struggle more with uncertainty, even if the news is potentially good, than we do with certainty, even if the news is bad.  Yes, you heard that right, our mind and thinking prefers to know what’s coming up, even if the news is not great, than it does with having to juggle various possibilities even if some of them could be advantageous.

How does fear of uncertainty show itself?

How we cope with uncertainty varies from one person to the next, but we can often see how well we cope with it by the way we order our life.  Those of us who prefer certainty will put structure and routines into our day to make it predictable, orderly and safe.  If you are not someone who likes routines, you are likely to be good with ambiguity and uncertainty, since this is how you deal with your daily life.

Is there a magic formula to deal with uncertainty?

As I’ve said, the impact uncertainty is having for you will be different from that of your neighbour, your friend and even your partner, so there is no one way to address it.

What we do know is that coming back to the present moment and reassuring yourself on what you do now right now is a great way of grounding yourself and being less anxious.

In the video below, I share two tips which will help you to manage uncertainty easily and with less anxiety.

Do you need some more help?

If anxiety and stress are having a big impact in your life right now, I’m offering some free sessions to help you find a way of coping with the situation.  If I can help, book a session with me here.

Are you going through a career upheaval right now?

Are you looking for some support to help you define your direction?  If so, I can offer a free career accelerator consultation.  In this session, you’ll find the three things that might be holding your career back and the one thing you can do to get your career back on track.  Book here.

As always, I’m wishing you a great day.  Stay well, stay focused.

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