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Leadership Development

The world needs better leaders, we can all agree on that.  How we go about creating better leaders is not so easy to agree on.

Agents2change has worked with small teams, large teams and globally diverse teams, and we know the benefits of being kind, attentive, and supportive with team members.  In each case, even when we were downsizing the team, we could bring forth exceptional commitment from them by displaying exceptional commitment to them.  The old adage ‘you get out what you put in’ is never truer then when you are managing teams.

We’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of leadership styles in many corporations and sectors in the last twenty years.  We’ve learned from these observations and developed a number of coaching and transformation tools to help leaders to become effective, trusted and admired leaders in their organisations.  No gimmicks, no quick fixes, just a tried and tested process of insight, reflection and action that allows your most authentic self to come forth and lead with heart, compassion and focus. 

The Trusted Leader is a development program that addresses the areas that many new leaders struggle with, leading to performance and engagement challenges.  New leaders want to build effective relationships, delegate clearly and know how to support their staff through difficultly, but these are not things that traditional leadership courses teach them.   

Our unique program The Trusted Leader – Building Unbreakable Bonds with your teams, addresses these issues and tackles the three cost drains to any organisation.

The three cost drains that The Trusted Leader program addresses and offers a 3 X ROI are:

  • Staff Turnover  Specifically regrettable attrition.  The #1 reason that most people cite for leaving their job regrettably is the relationship with their line manager.  This has a minimum cost of 50k for each staff member that leaves.
  • Stress-Related Absence. Staff that are poorly supported by their leader and have heavy workloads can often become stressed or at worst burnt out. This leads to lengthy absence costing the organisation 1,000s in lost capacity, as well as the impact on staff morale for the rest of the team.
  • Productivity (leading to Profitability)  Staff that do not feel supported, are not engaged.  If they are not engaged they will not be putting their best effort into their work.  You can measure the loss of productivity in terms of lost profitability, by failing to meet deadlines, losing customer loyalty and delivering sub-standard work.

When you think of weak leadership in these terms, it begs the question – can you afford not to invest in developing Trusted Leaders who have strong, committed and engaged teams?

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In this session you’ll discover why The Trusted Leader offers a unique and proven approach to lasting behavioural change that drives exceptional performance and delivers a 3 x ROI.
In this session you’ll find out

The top 5 challenges affecting your leaders ability to build strong trusted bonds with their team, the impact that those challenges are having on your bottom line and the one thing you can do to reverse those cost drains.