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As many of you know I completed my first book "Coming Home to You" earlier this year.  It has been quite a journey so far and I continue to be learning more all the time.

I thought at the end of the writing of the manuscript that I was already 50% there, but the reality it that it is probably only 30% of the effort. What more could be involved I here you say?  Well, apparently, lots!

The editing of the manuscript takes time and with a professional editor, a group of beta-readers and a final proof read that takes quite a few weeks to com'mplete.

I have also decided to produce an audio book as well and have been busy in a recording studio reading my manuscript. It's a good job I not in the least self-conscious, because there is very little that the sound engineer does not know about my life by now, given as so much of my own story is weaved into the book.

Then there is all of the design associated with the paper and e-book versions.  It is not until you have to design a book cover and internal layout yourself that you realise how much thought goes into book design. It's a minefield!  I decided to get the designs down to four versions and then ask for help choosing the final one. 

I was overwhelmed by the feedback with 178 responses and this was the result.



In the end I took the comments and suggestions and decided to go with the white cover with some adjustments. Here is the final design:



Even with the book cover design agreed, I still have other milestones now to achieve and this includes the internal design and the spine and back cover. I will never give another book a casual glance without thinking of how it was designed and why.

My thoughts now move to building my new website www.findyourjoyfullife.com, sharing my story and building rich and useful content to help you find the joyful life that you wish to live.

I also plan a number of book launch parties. London and Dublin are certain and New York is also in my sights  I will be letting you know how the plans are going and sharing the details of the launch parties once I have these settled.  They promise to be fun and enjoyable evenings.

Thank you all once again for your support, your generosity of time and for all the great suggestions which I think will help to make rest of my book journey a truly great adventure.


Next blog: What motivated me to write the book.