The Podcast Tour: Joy Found here

In my recent interview in 'Joy Found Here' with the inspirational Stephanie Martinez Rivera, I share how coming from humble beginnings, gave me the freedom to go anywhere. Once we realise that our start in life does not need to define how far we can go, or how high we can climb, we empower ourselves to go anywhere. Success is an inside job Learn how to live a life without limits in this uplifting interview:

Women in the Workplace

What I see more than anything in women is a lack of belief in themselves and their abilities ..

Control your emotions, Control your life

Our emotions have a huge impact on the quality of our life.  When we feel good, life feels good.  When we are sad or depressed, life can feel like a prison.  Learning to control our emotions is one of the most effective ways to find happiness, not because we force ourselves to be positive, but because we are no longer enslaved by the whims of our emotions. You have the power to change your world by changing how you view, interpret and act on your emotions.  The first step is

What motivated me to write a book – the birthing of Coming Home to You

It is often said that there is a book in all of us and I am sure that I am no more unique than you in this case.  Coming Home to You: A Handbook for Personal Transformation is not my first book, but it is the first one that will get published, under my own company: The Joyful Press. There are many reasons why people write a book, but for me it was my desire to share my own healing journey with others, so that they may feel encouraged along their own. The book deals with major