Defining Your New Normal – Life After COVID-19

We are hearing a lot about the ‘new normal’ and how life will change for us after lockdown.  ‘Things will never be the same’ we are hearing; ‘My work will be unrecognisable’ others say.  Perhaps this is true, but what we don’t hear too much of is that the power in our hands to define our new normal. In today’s episode I share a simple exercise you can do to define your new normal.  What are the things you would like to change about your life when the restrictions are lifted?

The Power of Silence

The current times we are living through with the Covid 19 outbreak have been called by some ‘The Big Pause’.  In these extraordinary times where our routines and usual patterns of living have been stripped away, it can indeed feel like a big pause. A timely question we could ask ourselves right now is: How can we use the ‘big pause’ to find our centre and know deep down in ourselves who we are and who we choose to be when life resumes again?  If reflection and meditation are

Showing up for work, showing up for life! 

If I asked you if you were happy at work, felt engaged, challenged and fully involved in your job – what would you say? The chances are that you would say ‘no’ since research shows that over half of the working population are unhappy with what they do.  Just think about that for a moment, one in two of us would rather be somewhere else! Given how much of our life work takes up and the knock-on effect that such dissatisfaction will have on our personal relationships, this is a

The importance of grounding

The practice of grounding ourselves is about ensuring that our energy is connected to the earth, that it is anchored and providing us with a