Defining Your New Normal – Life After COVID-19

We are hearing a lot about the ‘new normal’ and how life will change for us after lockdown.  ‘Things will never be the same’ we are hearing; ‘My work will be unrecognisable’ others say.  Perhaps this is true, but what we don’t hear too much of is that the power in our hands to define our new normal. In today’s episode I share a simple exercise you can do to define your new normal.  What are the things you would like to change about your life when the restrictions are lifted?

Creating a Gratitude Habit

One of the things that we can forget to do during this COVID-19 situation is to find moments in the day where we are grateful about something in our life.  It might be birdsong, the sunset, flowers, a smile, a kind word in a conversation. In this vlog, there’s a simple and fun way of capturing and sharing those moments. Why not make it a new habit for all the family to notice and write down things that they feel grateful for throughout the day? Using gratitude is one of the b

A recent talk on One-ness

It’s been quiet around here lately and that’s been because I took a few months off to go globe trotting.  I wanted to refresh my energy, be awed by the beauty of this amazing planet and take time out to create some great content that would help you to continue your transformation journey. One of the amazing places I was lucky enough to visit was Hawaii, where I was invited to share the ideas from my book ‘Coming Home to You’ and how these could be applied to our transformatio

Finding happiness at work

Our jobs are such a big part of our life and when we are not happy at work, it can colour every aspect of our lives.