Creating a Gratitude Habit

One of the things that we can forget to do during this COVID-19 situation is to find moments in the day where we are grateful about something in our life.  It might be birdsong, the sunset, flowers, a smile, a kind word in a conversation. In this vlog, there’s a simple and fun way of capturing and sharing those moments. Why not make it a new habit for all the family to notice and write down things that they feel grateful for throughout the day? Using gratitude is one of the b

How to choose and anchor your emotional state

Emotional resilience is not something we are all born with, but it is something we can develop with some simple habits and techniques. Have you ever had a day when you have woken up feeling happy and vibrant only to find that it disappears after a few moments in the office? Or perhaps after a few moments talking to your mother on the phone?  Our emotions can feel like changeable things that are at the behest of others and our situation. But that is only a story we tell oursel

Finding happiness at work

Our jobs are such a big part of our life and when we are not happy at work, it can colour every aspect of our lives.