Creating a Gratitude Habit

One of the things that we can forget to do during this COVID-19 situation is to find moments in the day where we are grateful about something in our life.  It might be birdsong, the sunset, flowers, a smile, a kind word in a conversation. In this vlog, there’s a simple and fun way of capturing and sharing those moments. Why not make it a new habit for all the family to notice and write down things that they feel grateful for throughout the day? Using gratitude is one of the b

Three Mood Enhancers to Brighten Your Day

As we continue to experience the isolation of the COVID 19 outbreak, it can be difficult to keep upbeat and motivated. In this vlog I have three simple techniques to help you to stay positive and calm during your day. If you like these vlogs, do subscribe to my channel.  If you know anyone else that would find them useful, please share. Wishing you a great day.  Stay well, stay safe. #FormingHabits #LifeEnhancing