Creating Your Vision of Life After COVID-19

In the last vlog, I offered you a simple exercise to define your new normal by putting the activities of your life into ‘more of’, ‘less of’ and ‘stay the same’. Today, we can take this work one step further. We are going to visualise life after COVID-19 in the three buckets that we discussed in the last episode; your relationships, your career and your life in general. I’m a fan of drawing visualisations as they have proven to be a very effective way of changing our outlook

Defining Your New Normal – Life After COVID-19

We are hearing a lot about the ‘new normal’ and how life will change for us after lockdown.  ‘Things will never be the same’ we are hearing; ‘My work will be unrecognisable’ others say.  Perhaps this is true, but what we don’t hear too much of is that the power in our hands to define our new normal. In today’s episode I share a simple exercise you can do to define your new normal.  What are the things you would like to change about your life when the restrictions are lifted?

3 tips to help career women break through the Glass Ceiling

Women are still not getting a fair deal in the workplace, despite all the advancements that have been made to our work environment and employment rights, the gap between men and women’s success at work remains stubbornly evident.  The figures make for grim reading: Women are less likely to hold a management role, compared to their male counterparts Only 1 in 5 C-suite positions are held by women On average (according to UK figures) women earn 10% less than their male counterp

Three ways to connect to your inner life force

For many years my life was my battleground, until, I decided to stop allowing it to be one.  This was not some overnight transformation, but something I learned over time, through clear intent to do something different, to see life differently, to respond to life’s challenges in a more positive and mindful way. I believe that this is possible for everyone and that was one of the main motivations for writing about it in my first book. I was born to Irish Catholic parents in Bi