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Agents2Change has been helping organisations transform their performance since 2006.  Founded by Mary McGuire, an expert in change, with over 20 years’ experience, Agents2Change helps organisations to realise their goals and reap the benefits of their transformation endeavours.

It might be possible to make change happen in any organisation, but making it stick and become part of the fabric of your ways of working; that takes a different order of skill.  

  • 75% of all change efforts fail in organisations
  • Leaders in organisations are often poorly equipped to manage teams through the change process
  • New ways of working are not embedded in the organisation as leaders move on too quickly to the next initiative.

Successful change happens from the inside. Forcing change upon people brings short term compliance but little in long term gain.  Agents2Change works with clients to achieve breakthrough results through system, process and people development interventions, achieving real transformation, at all levels, but perhaps most importantly at an individual level.

Successful, sustainable change requires three things:

  • A clear, unambiguous vision of the future which clearly communicates the benefits of the change
  • Leaders who are authentic, open and supportive in bringing their people on a journey
  • Well documents ways of working, clear responsibilities and collaboration networks that support the new model, process or strategy.

We bring expertise in how to achieve sustainable business improvement, together with a deep understanding of how to affect change at the individual level, at the level of behaviour and thought. We take an inside out approach to change, working with teams and individuals to tap into their motivations, articulate their intentions and turn that into a powerful force for positive change.

If you are about to make a major change in your organisation and want to ensure it is sustainable and brings everyone on the journey, book a Sustainable Change Breakthrough Session with me HERE